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My name is Andrea. I’m a web developer living and working in Houston, Texas.

Andrea Chineliott


HTML5, PHP / MySQL, CSS3/SASS, Javascript/JQuery, Responsive Web Development, Content Management Systems (WordPress, Craft, Drupal, Hubspot, Shopify, Magento), Photoshop, Adobe X, Email Marketing, Video Editing (After Effects, Premiere), GIT Version Control, SEO, and SEM.


I love coding custom widgets with dynamic functionality.I think and build responsively with mobile in mind.


WordPress custom fields and functionality is fun when building from scratch. I work with other CMS options too.


I git along great with other developers. Working within a team of developers is fun becuase you get to talk in if & else statments.

Web Work History


Web Designer

Program UX improvements across serval CMS options. Design and develop websites for internal and external audiences.


Freelance Web Developer

Available for freelance projects: websites, email marketing, and other front-end web development.


Web Developer

Converted PSDs into functioning responsive websites for a fast-paced marketing and advertising agency. Programmed email marketing campaigns and edited short videos for tradeshows or youtube.


Contract Web Developer

Programmed dynamic web pages from wireframes for web applications using PHP and FXPHP to connect to File Maker Database.


Contract Web Work

An intense summer of web contract projects that get me into coding CMS sites.



I left a software startup to work in education. I coded freelance projects on the side, which allowed me to buy school supplies like cool erasers for my students to redeem with stickers I gave them throughout the week.


College Complete

Bachelor of Science in Consumer Science & Merchandising at the University of Houston.


Frontend Developer

Created a logo and coded CSS2 for a software company. CSS2 was HOT. IE6 was the bane of my existence.


Web Design Student of the Year

During my junior year in high school, I receive "student of the year" in my Web Design class.


Mac Performa

I program simple webpages on my family’s Mac, a 56K modem, a Netscape browser, and notes.

Work Samples

A few work samples can be seen in my work section of my site.

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Download a PDF version of my resume here.

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I'm always open to talking about possible opportunities.

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