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My name is Andrea. I’m a web developer living and working in Houston, Texas.

Andrea Chineliott


HTML, PHP / MySQL, CSS3/SASS, JavaScript/JQuery, Responsive Web Development, GIT, Wordpress, Drupal, SEO, Email Marketing, Video Editing for Web


If you need help styling a website or web application, I'd love to add some SASS to your project to suit your needs. I think and build responsively with mobile in mind.


Working with WordPress is fun. I can customize it to suit your needs, make custom fields for you to edit and update. If a plugin can be avoided, I prefer to code functions instead for speed.


I git along great with other developers. I enjoy working within a team of developers because we speak the same language and think similarly although we may approach things differently.

Web Work History


Freelance Web Developer

I'm available for freelance projects and open to hearing about new opportunities.


Full-time Web Developer

Worked as a full-time web developer for a marketing and advertising agency. I converted PSDs into functioning responsive websites. Program HTML emails for clients, and edited short videos for a tradeshows or youtube.


Contract Web Developer

Programed dynamic web pages from wireframes for web application using PHP and FXPHP to connect to File Maker Database.


Contract Web Work

An intese summer of web contract projects that get me into coding CMS sites.



I left a software startup to work in education. I continued to work on freelance projects coding custom websites.


College Complete

Completed a Bachelor of Science in Consumer Science & Merchandising at University of Houston. I got a few extra credits in math, science, and art that I didn't need, but the material was interesting.


Frontend Developer

I help create a logo for a software company,and I ended up coding CSS style sheets for their survey software application.


Web Design Student of the Year

During my junior year in high school, I recieve student of the year in my Web Design class.


Mac Performa Aquired

My family aquires a Macintosh Performa. Using a 56K modem, a Netscape browser, and notes, I program simple webpages that I can no longer find.

Work Samples

A few work samples can be seen in my work section of my site.

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Download a PDF version of my resume here.

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I'm always open to talking about possible opportunities.

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